Superintendent of Schools Announcement

The Board of Trustees is happy to announce that Mr. Darren Mazutinec has been officially appointed Superintendent of Schools for Westwind School Division #74 effective July 1, 2019.
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Public Advisory: Potential for Freezing Service Lines Continues.

Residents are reminded that despite the warmer temperatures, the frost is still in the ground is still a concern for some waterlines, and will continue to be of concern for some weeks to come. Even though the air temperature outside is warming, the frost in the ground will continue to go deeper and deeper, until the thawing ground eventually catches up. As the frost goes deeper, it will freeze any water it comes in contact with, this includes water service lines.
Residents and businesses are advised to continue running water. Running one tap with a stream of water the width of a pencil is sufficient to produce enough movement in your service line to prevent it from freezing.
Please note that water can optionally be collected and stored for later use. Tubs can be slowly filled with water to be used to bucket-flush toilets, and pitchers or pots can be slowly filled in sinks for drinking or cooking.
At this time the Town does not have the means to determine when the risk of freezing will be over for all residents.
For more information, please contact the Town Office.
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