Alta Paisley Blue & Alta Black Jack Date of Birth March 24, 2012 (Pictures take at 8 1/2 weeks)

Nilsson Paisley Blue & Alta Cadillac on Cruise Date of Birth Sept 18, 2011

Ruff House Porche of Alta and Coattails Range Ryder of Alta

Ruff House Porsche and Coats Tails Range Ryder of Alta


Paisley’s & Away to Me Cadillac Jack Litter

Rosie & El Roy Litter

Away to Me Darby & Pocket Kodiak Kub of Alta

Away to Me Darby Doll Puppies

Paisley Blue Puppies 2nd Litter

Paisley Blue Puppies 1st Litter

Rosie & El Roy Litter

Alta Midnight in Paris & Coat Tails Beautiful Barkley